Tronik Youth – Edible Thoughts EP

Tronik Youth – Edible Thoughts EP

Tronik Youth is one of the most prolific producers around at the moment he seems to be involved in at least 3 quality EPs a month!! Its very hard to keep up!!

This latest EP “Edible Thoughts” has been released on La Dame Noir and is another quality release from them filled with a great set of remixes !

The original track is a lovely slice of laid back slo mo filth with funky basslines and disco drums which just hypnotise you for the whole track ! There is always a quality haunting vocal loop in his tunes as well which I love !

The Richard Rossa remix takes it on a more up tempo dark Italo direction while the Drop Out Orchestra remix takes it into heavier darker territories !

Eskimo Twins doing what they do best on a track with lovely Acid riffs and a chunky bassline ! They also have a lovely little minor chord change on the bassline during the track as well !

Pulp Disco and the Outcasts with possibly the highlight of the EP with a punishing track full of filthy hooks and a dirty bassline !

Here is the EP !!! TURN UP LOUD !!


As I mentioned earlier Tronik Youths output is fantastic here is another recent remix by him :



Love this edit by him (so much I included it in my latest mix ! )