Tronik Youth – Pain Relief

Tronik Youth – Pain Relief

I have recently received the promo for this new EP “Pain Relief” by Tronik Youth and I LOVE IT(Was so good I included the original mix in my latest blog mix lol)

The original mix is my favourite on the EP with its hypnotic bassline , disco percussion , spacey vocals and then it hits you with that riff half way through …. WOW!

The EP also features remixes by Hardway Bros , Haules Baules, Kiwi, Gameboyz, and Ben Macklin which is quite a stellar line up of artists who produce very different remixes of the track with the riff being prominent in all of them.

This EP will be released on Tronik Youth’s label Nein Records┬ánear the end of February !


Here is the original track :


Also love this Edit he has done which is called “Body Heat”


Ben Macklin remix of “Pain Relief”