Various Lurkers (SR002) – Space Ritual

Various Lurkers (SR002) – Space Ritual

“Various Lurkers” is a new compilation EP from the label Space Ritual and it is just FANTASTIC!!

The release features 4 tracks full of Psychedelic guitar , delayed drums , hypnotic rhythms and lovely warm synth sounds!

The first track “KR1” is by someone we have liked for ages in Kalidasa! The dark driving bass reminds me of something from Spacemen 3 / BRMC!!

“Wet Grout(Joes Dub)” is from Zmatsutsi who is new to our ears but we like what we are hearing! Nice slow groove of a track with some quality guitar licks !!

“Kaneda” by Tony Pineman is so trippy and funky the track just takes you on a journey from start to finish!

“Colonization” by Tross is another artist new to my ears and I have to say this track is the highlight of the EP!! The bassline is sick reminds me of Emperor Machine at his best!!

Here is a preview of the release:

You can purchase the EP here.

The first Space Ritual release is also fantastic!

They also have a guest mix compilation: