Zombies In Miami – Cowboys and Indians EP

Zombies In Miami – Cowboys and Indians EP

Zombies in Miami are the latest artist to release on the exciting label La Dame Noir with their new EP “Cowboys and Indians”. It is a label that is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels as the releases are of the highest quality and are pushing the sound of Techno in an exciting new direction !

Zombies in Miami are from Mexico and I discovered their music last year through listening to other Mexican artists such as Rebolledo, Daniel Maloso and Comeme Records. They have also had releases on Kompakt and Correspondant so they are doing very well!!

What I have noticed recently is that their sound has taken a change in the last few releases to a darker more techno sound and this release is probably their best work yet in my opinion !

The track “Canibal” is a dance floor destroyer with a deep sub bassline and ghostly vocals that remind me of Magda , Remain and Rework

“Cowboys and Indians” is a lovely piece of Spacey Techno that has a beautiful guitar sound floating through the track , pretty sure I have heard this played by Matt Walsh in a recent mix ?

“Roller Bit” is another dirty tune with a sinister bassline and really creepy percussion that would be smash any dancefloor !

There is also quality remixes for this release from Matt Walsh , Demian, Forty Fings Dynamo and Iñigo Vontier

Here is a preview of the EP ENJOY!!!!